Justin Moore Praises Wife for Keeping Family Together

It takes a strong woman to stand by her man through thick and thin, and Justin Moore appreciates the lovely lady he calls his wife for supporting him day in and day out.

Although Moore recently traveled all across the country with Lee Brice for their joint tour, it was his wife, Kate, that kept their family going while he was away. Even though she’s about seven months pregnant with their fourth child, Kate never stopped being there for the kids and for her husband no matter what was going on in her world.

“She’s a rock star,” Moore shared recently. “I mean, everybody thinks it’s me, but it’s her. It takes a really special person to deal with what we all deal with in this business on a daily basis. The travel alone is beyond difficult. So to have somebody back home, a support system back home with her holding everything together, it goes without saying how much it means, obviously, to me and my career.”

The country star reciprocates the love back to his family at home as much as he can, and never spends too long away from his kids out in Arkansas. Always making time for his family is important to him, even when he heads out on the road or to Nashville for work. Thankfully, he has the backing of his wife to keep himself grounded in times of busyness.

Moore’s latest single, “Somebody Else Will,” is currently climbing the charts on country radio.

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