Justin Moore Shows Gratitude Toward Luke Bryan for Giving Him ‘Hell on a Highway’

If it wasn’t for the graciousness of Luke Bryan, Justin Moore may have never hooked “Hell on a Highway” as his upcoming tour title.

Although “Hell on a Highway” may not be Moore’s latest single, the song’s significance led to an even greater discovery of the most epic tour name. But it wasn’t always in the hands of Moore, as Bryan originally held the song for his own album.

The country music community, though, always continues to support each other and Bryan gave up his chance to record “Hell on a Highway” because he knew his buddy, Moore, really wanted it to be a part of his next project. After simple negotiations, Moore landed the track and couldn’t be more thankful of Bryan’s sacrifice.

“’Hell on a Highway’ was one of the earlier outside songs that I found for the album. Somebody sent me that song and immediately I loved it. And I sent whoever had sent me the song, ‘Hey, I want that song,’ and they said, ‘Well, Luke Bryan’s got it on hold.’ And I go, ‘well, if Luke wants it he’s gonna get it,'” Moore recently explained. “So I played it for my record label president, Scott Borchetta, and he said, ‘We have to get this song.’ And so I said, ‘Well I’ll just text or call Luke,’ and I don’t remember which one I did, but he hit me back and said, ‘Man, if you love it, take it.’ And that speaks volumes of the type guy that Luke is. Luke and I have known each other since either of us had a record deal so we’ve known each other a long time.”

While “Hell on a Highway” holds a special spot in Moore’s heart, he decided to go with “Kinda Don’t Care” as the next single to hit radio off his latest album.

Moore’s Hell on a Highway Tour, featuring Dylan Scott, will kick off on October 13 and run throughout the beginning of 2018.