Kacey Musgraves Gets Scared on The Ellen Show

Sweet niblets! During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, Oct. 8, Kacey Musgraves got the scare of a lifetime when someone dressed as Hannah Montana jumped out of a table on the set.

After sharing that she and her wife Portia de Rossi had Musgraves’ CMA-nominated album Golden Hour on repeat all summer, DeGeneres began questioning the Texas native about her job performing at children’s birthday parties before becoming a critically-acclaimed country star.

“Well, that was a very short… a brief stint. It didn’t go that well. I got paid in change,” she admitted. “A kid tried to rip my wig off, he said ‘You’re not the real Hannah Montana.’ The first gig that I got there was Hannah Montana needed for a kids birthday. I was supposed to walk in with the boom box, ready to go with her theme song. I practiced all night. I had the wig, I was like ‘God, this looks terrible.’ It looked like straw or hay or something, like my wig, it was crazy.”

It was during that reflection that an Ellen Show staff member dressed as the Miley Cyrus character came charging out of the table nearby, giving Musgraves quite the jump. The moment had Musgraves out of her chair to recover from a racing heart while DeGeneres giggled in the seat across from her.

Check out Kacey’s interview (and scare!) in the video above. Golden Hour is available everywhere now.