Kalie Shorr to Give ‘Authentic Introduction’ in Country Music with ‘Awake’

The anticipation leading up to Kalie Shorr’s EP release gave her great anxiety at first, but she settled in on her genuine identity to find inspiration for Awake.

As one of the selected CMT Next Women of Country honorees, Shorr wanted to live up to the impressionable expectation set for her on her upcoming set of songs. Rather than heading face first into the downfall of pressure from the industry, she kept her head up and put her emotions into the seven-track release that will represent Shorr in her truest form.


“Sometimes, this industry makes you second guess yourself,” said Shorr in a press release. “It might not even mean to — there are just so many opinions and it’s easy to try to please everyone. This project is the first time I’ve tuned everything else out but my own gut feeling on who I am and what makes me unique. This past summer, I bought a new electric guitar, met an amazing producer, and fell back in love with the records that made me want to write songs in the first place. Before I knew it, the Awake EP was born. I couldn’t be more excited for it’s release, this record feels like the most authentic introduction to me I could give anyone.”

Shorr has a lot to look forward to for 2018 as she amps up this new EP and prepares to hit the road with Sara Evans for the All the Love Tour coming to cities soon. RaeLynn will join Shorr and Evans for a female-dominated run of shows like none other, with Shorr being sure to bust out some of her latest songs for fans at the live performances.

Awake will debut on Friday, January 26, on digital retailers.

Awake Track Listing:
1. Awake
2. Two Hands
3. Candy
4. Backseat
5. Damn Sky
6. Who What When Where Why
7. Cool Kids

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