Kane Brown Finds It Easy to Open Up When Writing Songs

As someone who claims shy, Kane Brown doesn’t hold back when it comes to the songs he creates in the studio.

Although vulnerability isn’t always the easiest state to achieve, Brown digs deep within his background stories to tell the truth through the power of his music. Keeping to his authentic and traditional style with a rocking twist, it’s rather therapeutic for Brown to lay his stories out on paper.

“It hasn’t been hard. I’m just a really laidback person, so when it comes to opening up, I just want to help people and that’s the only way I can do it is putting it in music. So it’s been easy to get in the rooms with writers and just tell them my story and hope that they can relate,” Brown explained to Sounds Like Nashville and other media during a recent interview.

Already seeing a massive change throughout his time in the spotlight, Brown plans to look forward and open up more in the process continuing his writing on into his next project.

“It’s just been a fun experience. I feel like my writing’s improved a lot. If you go back and listen to my other EPs and then you listen to my album, it’s improved so hopefully, it just keeps improving and we just keep writing good music or better music than what we have,” he said.

Brown recently released his self-titled debut album that fans can pick up on digital online retailers and in stores now.