Kane Brown and Lauren Alaina Bring Heat to the ACM Awards Stage

Kane Brown and Lauren Alaina brought the ACM Awards to their feet when they performed their No. 1 single “What Ifs.”

Against the backdrop of a rocky beach, Brown ascended onto the stage in a crisp white tee as Alaina joined him in a flowing white gown. They alternated vocals and harmonies as the young up-and-comers hit a wide range of notes.

The chemistry the pair shared on stage was undeniable and added a whole new level to the already strong performance. Toward the end of the track, the two got closer and closer on stage and looked as if they might even kiss.

Despite what it appeared on stage, the two are just great friends and supporters of the others’ career. Growing up, Brown and Alaina went to school together and sang in the same choir in middle school.

Brown was nominated for New Male Vocalist of the year and Alaina was already crowned winner of New Female Vocalist at this year’s ACM Awards.