Kane Brown is Proud to Use Platform to Stand Up Against Bullies

Kane Brown uses his voice day in and day out to share his experiences through the ways of music. But he also holds true to his commitment to lending his talents to another important and critical outlet he remains passionate about: the fight against bullying.

Getting behind organizations that promote the prevention of bullying, Brown draws from his own childhood experience to empathize with those who just need someone to look up to when times get tough. The country star faced quite the number of adversities throughout his young life, and he hopes his music can build a bridge to fans that need a boost when it comes to ridding of the negative energy.

“It’s super cool. I was bullied when I was little, went through racism and stuff like that. I just think it’s dumb for people to be bullied and I think it’s awesome that I get to step up and help people out that are being bullied and hopefully, be role models in their life,” he said to Sounds Like Nashville and other media outlets previously.

For someone who has practically had his career blow up overnight, Brown keeps his dedicated fans as close as he can. While it could get a tad tricky when it comes to weeding out whom truly supports his career versus the online haters, the “What Ifs” singer makes the balance obtainable by picking and choosing what he wants his followers to read online.

“I found out it’s a lot tougher because I want them to know who I am, I want them to know everything about me,” Brown explained. “That’s why my fan base is so close to me. But then there’s also the trolls on there that don’t want…they just talk down on you. It’s a hard place where you wanna just stop letting everybody in your life, but you don’t wanna punish the ones who actually do love you. So it’s between a rock and a hard place.”

Brown recently released his duet with Lauren Alaina called “What Ifs” to country radio. Fans can add the song to their Spotify playlists and find it on his self-titled debut album, which is out now.

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