Karen Fairchild Shares Musical Insight for Women

A powerful voice like that of Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild comes with an even more influential standpoint from the music industry.

Building a name alongside her country quartet took time and energy beyond the average capacity, but Fairchild never backed down from any sort of intimidation that some women face in the industry. Working in the group as well as making cameos on other smash hits throughout her career, the singer has experienced her fair share of life-changing moments to revel in the perseverance it took to get to her position.

Rather than shying away from the criticism that comes with being a woman in country music, Fairchild lent a hopeful word of advice for any young girls interested in pursuing their dreams, artistic or not. She reminded young women to use their confidence within to strengthen their true spirits and keep the self-worth close in order to become successful in whatever they put their minds to.

“As women, we have to always remember to listen to our instincts and go with our guts. I think too often girls feel like they have to make concessions or change who they are, or what their music says, to make it in this industry. We need to nurture these women to write honest songs, to write from their hearts, and not to pander. Let’s give them some room to do what they do. Being a woman is a very powerful thing; we need to embrace that rather than shy away from it or make excuses for it,” Fairchild told The New Potato in an interview.

Fairchild didn’t just talk about the serious stuff though—she also dished on her favorite indulgences, especially when it comes to food. Admitting that her bandmate, Kimberly Schalpman, cooks Southern food that’ll make anyone miss home, Fairchild also tries to keep as healthy as possible on the road by sticking to the protein and veggies staples.

“I try to load up on veggies and protein before a show, but I do need carbs to keep my energy up. I’ll do a small portion of mashed potatoes or rice to sustain me through a performance. After-show food can be tricky when you’re trying to find healthy options, so that’s when it’s all about making good choices,” she said.

Fairchild will be keeping up her clean eating to stay on track as Little Big Town will play some shows over the summer.