Keith Urban Talks About His Collaboration With Eric Church

Lauren Laffer • October 14, 2013 - 3:52 pm

Keith Urban - CountryMusicIsLove

Keith Urban’s recently released seventh studio album, Fuse, features a handful of exciting collaborations. In addition to “We Were Us,” his current single featuring Miranda Lambert, the album also includes “Raise ‘Em Up” with Eric Church.

Urban, who will return to “American Idol” in 2014, put a lot of thought into the record, but working with Church was a no-brainer for him.

“‘Chief’ is one of my favorite records of the last, easily the last 10 years, as a whole. From top to bottom, it’s just a great, great record. So, [Eric Church and I] became friends and our families and wives would go and have dinner,” Urban explains. “He would be turning me on to new music and I’d tell him, ‘You gotta listen to ‘Bankrupt’ by Dr. Hook!’ We’re trying to hip each other with records we love that probably the other guy hasn’t heard, so that banter started sort of started happening pretty regularly.”

Once a friendship was forged, the “Little Bit Of Everything” singer decided he wanted to work with Church when the right project came along. “I thought I’d really like to do something with Eric on the record if I find the right song. The song called ‘Raise ‘Em Up’ came along, and it wasn’t written as a duet, but it just struck me as the perfect song. There’s a particular theme, really, in the song, particularly in the second verse that I felt was just perfect for Eric. I was really happy that he came and sang on it.”

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