5 Times Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Were Total #CoupleGoals

Happy Anniversary, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman! The dynamic duo are celebrating 12 years of marriage today.

Between Urban’s country superstar status and Kidman’s well-earned place among Hollywood’s finest, it’s no wonder that they’ve become a beloved power couple. But being famously in love isn’t easy. Urban and Kidman’s hectic schedules can make it hard to be together as much as they want to. However, as they’ve shown over the course of their relationship, the two are committed to doing whatever is necessary to stay connected–be it in person or long distance.

“We’re very, very in it together as a couple. Very awake, very clearly present, very in it, very in love. And when it does go out of balance, we fix it quickly,” Urban says of the relationship. “Sometimes her schedule is unpredictable with film shoots or whatever. My tour may be set, but her film thing may turn on a dime and suddenly she’s going to be in another country that week, I’ve gotta be in Canada that week, or something, and you’re like, ‘Okay, how do we gonna make this work?’ And we just do whatever we’ve gotta do, travel as much as takes to not be apart.”

While free time is rare for the couple, Urban and Kidman know the importance of squeezing in a date night here and there, whether it be at an awards show or a hockey game. Check out five times the couple nailed this whole marriage thing…

Best Dressed Couple Award Goes to…


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No matter the occasion, Urban and Kidman are always the best dressed couple around.

Always Supporting Each Other

Just like Kidman always attends country music award shows with Urban, he’s typically by her side for any award shows that she is attending as well.

Go Preds!

Go #Preds!!!!!!!

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Award shows aren’t the only place that Urban and Kidman have date night. They also frequently attend hockey games to support their team, the Nashville Predators, in their adopted hometown of Nashville.

Sweet Selfies

The two have never been shy when it comes to showing their love for one another and this set of selfies shows just that.

CMA Fest Prep

Ready to go off tonight at #CMAfest!

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CMA Fest tends to be a highlight for country artists every year and Kidman made sure to be there to support her husband as he prepared for his set later that night.

It’s clear that over the years they have perfected the art of working around their busy schedules because flexibility can be key when it comes to being able to see each other as often as they can. The two will have to continue to work around each other’s schedules this summer as Urban heads out on his Graffiti U World Tour. Fans can find tour dates on his website at keithurban.net.