Kellie Pickler Reveals Details About New Album, ‘The Woman I Am’

Lauren Laffer • September 20, 2013 - 10:14 am

Kellie Pickler - CountryMusicIsLove

Kellie Pickler is gearing up to release her fourth album, The Woman I Am, this November. As she did with her last album, 100 Proof, Pickler is moving away the pop-country vibe of her debut and sophomore albums and sticking to a more traditional country sound.

Pickler credits some of the genre’s most legendary women, like Dolly Parton and Tammy Wynette, for the evolution she’s made. “I love that classic, traditional sound. I love that tear in Tammy Wynette’s voice,” Pickler tells Rolling Stone in a recent interview. “There’s still a little bit of that sound that we did on the last record, but it’s not the same album.”

Along with following her musical heroes, the “Little Bit Gypsy” singer credits her producers, Frank Liddell and Luke Wooten, for helping her along the way. “They have a way of bringing out the best in me and I think they really helped me discover the artist in myself,” she says, adding “They’ve helped me find my own sound.”

A lot of The Woman I Am is inspired by Pickler’s own life. The song “Selma Drye” is a song inspired by the person it’s named after, Pickler’s great-grandmother. “She was a spitfire,” the North Carolina native explains. “She lived in this little trailer in front of [my grandparents’ house] for over 40 years. She never drove a car, never had a driver’s license – that was the devil. She was just a strong woman and that song is really about her and her generation of women, and how they were raised.”

Pickler is currently promoting the second single from the record, “Little Bit Gypsy,” which is the follow-up to the emotional track “Someone Somewhere Tonight.”

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