Kip Moore Says ‘Last Shot’ is an ‘Old School Country Love Song’

Kip Moore may not be one to toss around the “L” word, but he’s certainly making his feelings known in his new single, “Last Shot.” Claiming the word ‘love’ is used all too often, the Georgia native sings to the one his heart longs for, hoping that she’ll realize how he truly feels.

“If you were my last breath I’d just wanna hold ya / If you were my last night of hell on wheels / I’d wanna drive you like I stole ya / If you were my last shot, last shot of whiskey / I’d press you to my lips, take a little sip / Swirl you around, and around and ‘round / Then I’d shoot you down,” he sings in the chorus.

The mid-tempo tune was co-written by Moore with David Lee Murphy and Dan Couch and came after several hours of contemplation and numerous ideas.

“Dan actually came in with that idea and we just kind of danced around that song for probably three hours before we ever could tackle how to get it, where we wanted to go and you get a little bit of that old school Aerosmith vibe from the lyrics to the melodic sense even to the production of it,” said Moore previously. “When I started singing that melody, I was just humming and different stuff, and [David Lee] said, ‘If you were my last breath I’d just want to hold you,’ and I thought that was just such a brilliant line, so then it was just about, ‘Alright, this is a love song, this is an old school country love song right here,’ so that’s what we went with.”

The process of making songs like “Last Shot” came over a lengthy period of time for Moore, who spent much of the past year traveling the world. Returning home to Tifton, GA, as well as spending time in Iceland and Costa Rica, gave the singer/songwriter the time to reflect and escape in order to write the best songs possible.

Captured in a documentary created by Moore and his longtime friend PJ Brown, The Journey To Slowheart takes fans behind-the-scenes of the process of making his third studio album, SLOWHEART. The film introduces fans to his family and the experiences that shaped him, as well as encompassing his life-changing worldly travels.

“Last Shot” is at country radio now.

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