Kristian Bush Shares Picture Scrapbook from C2C Festival Adventures

A picture is worth a thousand words, so Kristian Bush decided to take as many as he could during his time abroad at the Country 2 Country Festival in the United Kingdom over the weekend.

Throughout his visit across the pond, Bush took full advantage of the historical culture surrounding him and soaked in the moments to keep as a snapshot in time. Trying out the British traditions and indulging in the London lifestyle was what Bush was all about, and he didn’t waste one second in the bustling city.

From taking the Tube to tour the sights to grabbing rounds of pints with pals, Bush got his fill on all that the U.K. had to offer and it’d be no surprise if he’ll be saying ‘Cheers’ or ‘mate’ in no time. Take a look at all of the British shenanigans that Bush got up to during his free time at C2C in his own words and remember, stay calm and carry on.


Spent a lot of time on the London Underground looking for my Tardis. No luck. Will be back to try again soon. 


Had the chance to tour Parliament on International Women’s Day and loved this window celebrating the suffragette movement in the UK.


Was honored to eat dinner in the Strangers’ Dining Room with two members of Parliament and my friends from the CMA. Thanks to MP Craig Tracey and Minister Andrew Percy for their hospitality — and for loving country music! (Also it is a fun game to try and find Mac McAnally and CMA CEO Sarah Trahern in this photo.)


I took over the CMA’s Twitter feed on the day of our Songwriters Series show. Here’s a shot I posted of my fellow writers (and Grammy winners!) Maren Morris and Liz Rose just casually enjoying some beverages while sitting in awesome chairs.


Here’s the whole group after the CMA Songwriters Series: Mac McAnally, Maren Morris, Liz Rose, and Drake White — plus Ben and Crissie from The Shires, who joined us on stage so I could present them the CMA Jeff Walker Global Artist Award!


Standing with my good friend, “Whispering” Bob Harris, right before I surprised him with the CMA for International Broadcaster of the Year. Bob has been such a supporter of me over the years, but more than that, he believes in country music more than almost anyone on earth. It’s an honor to be part of the BBC Radio 2 Country team and work alongside him.


Most importantly, this is the Guinness I drank in a pub off Paddington Station!!!

Fans can keep up with Bush and his upcoming travels on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. His latest single, “Sing Along,” is available now on iTunes.