LANCO Romanticizes Small Town Love in Music Video for ‘Greatest Love Story’

The classic story between boy meets girl, boy falls in love and they live happily ever after never grows old, even in the music video for LANCO’s latest song, “Greatest Love Story.”

The suburban fairy tale begins as usual with two kids meeting at school and growing up in their glory days being the king and queen of high school. Although college splits them and time pulls them apart, the right one always comes back around if it’s meant to be. As LANCO sings out the storybook romance between the bleachers of a hometown gym, the couple depicted makes it official in the end with one bent-knee gesture and a big ‘yes.’

The guys of LANCO wanted the simple love song to represent the kind of relationships they lived through in their tiny little town. But through playing the song to many of their fans on the road, they realized the ode was bigger than just one personal love story—everyone is just looking for that special soulmate no matter what tears them apart or gets them back together.

“I wrote this song about my life and what I knew coming from small-town Smyrna, TN,” said vocalist Brandon Lancaster. “I thought it was just about me, my relationship, but then we started hearing from all these fans on the road and online – military couples, couples who played it at their weddings – who felt like it was ‘their song’ too. It’s really cool to become part of their stories in such a personal way.”

LANCO is ready to bring “Greatest Love Song” as well as the rest of their catalogue on the road with them this summer, as they have festivals and tour dates lined up throughout the next few months. Fans can go onto their website for more details about which cities and dates the band is playing.