Lauren Alaina Always Needs Onesies When She Goes On Tour

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Some artists travel with their pets, others like to keep their buses stocked with the freshest foods possible. But Lauren Alaina brings a onesie no matter where she goes or for how long she’s away.

Of course, Alaina also packs along her necessities like clothes and whatnot, but her biggest priority is always making sure some sort one-piece sleeping ensemble is tucked away for her cross-country travels.

“I always have to have a onesie because we’re still all on the same bus…and if you know me you know I’m obsessed with onesies, but it’s like a real thing. Like, I sleep in them. I sleep in onesies because I get really cold at night and I do not like to be cold. The boys are all like, hot-natured, and they’re men, you know? I’m like the girl on the bus that’s freezing, so I’ll wear onesies. I cannot be on the bus without a onesie. If I forget it, which I don’t…if I did forget it, it’s on my packing list. I have a list and it’s like third on the list… a onesie. But if I forgot it, we’d be going to Target and getting one. I mean, that’s how crazy I am about having a onesie,” Alaina said to Sounds Like Nashville and other media.

Staying on the same realm of sleep, the singer also admits to being one of those pillow hoarders that people see from time to time on airplanes. Almost clinging to it like her security blanket away from home, Alaina loves the feeling of knowing she has a piece of home close to her even when she’s thousands of miles away.

“I always bring my own pillow. I’m like obsessed with my pillow. Alex got me a new pillow for Christmas and I take it everywhere. I’m like the person in the airport carrying the pillow … like, a big pillow. That’s me,” she spilled.

Alaina is busy on the road all summer long as the opening act for Jason Aldean’s High Noon Neon Tour. Dates and tickets are available through her official website.