Lauren Alaina Put Her Life Into a Country Song

Lauren Alaina may only be 21-years-old, but she’s gone through a whirlwind of life experiences. The Georgia native, who rose to fame when she was named runner-up on season 10 of American Idol, has dealt with her father’s alcoholism, parent’s divorce (and their respective remarriages) and her own battle with bulimia.

Alaina is literally lived a country song, so why not write one about her exact experiences?

“The song is called ‘Doin’ Fine’ and it’s about my dad,” Alaina told Sounds Like Nashville. “My dad’s an alcoholic and he went to rehab a couple years ago, and then my parents got divorced and it was crazy. My mom married a family friend and my dad married someone that’s eight years older than me, so it was just like, these like … I literally live a country song, so I had to write one. You know?”

The song’s biting first line is what typically grabs listeners who hear Alaina sing the song live during her shows.

“The first line is, ‘Daddy got sober, mama got his best friend,’ so it kind of nails it in there immediately. It sounds almost funny, but that’s the truth. That’s actually what happened. Then, the chorus is about overcoming that and realizing that everybody’s family is crazy,” she said with a chuckle.

The track hasn’t been released for fans to purchase quite yet (if ever), but Alaina continues to play it out during her sets because she wants people to know who and what she comes from.

“I say at my shows, ‘Who in the crowd has a crazy family?’ One person maybe every night doesn’t raise their hand, like, everybody raises their hand. The only people who don’t is because they’re with their crazy family and they don’t want them to know,” she laughed. “I think we all have those things about our lives that we don’t want people to know. I’ve just kind of written them all in a song. Sorry, fam.”

While the song isn’t available for purchase, fans can take a listen to the track through numerous videos on YouTube. They can also hear more of Alaina’s music from her self-titled EP, which features her singles “Next Boyfriend” and “Road Less Traveled.”