Lee Brice ‘Extremely Excited’ About Upcoming New Album

Lee Brice’s eponymous fourth studio album will be released on Nov. 3. The new set of tunes, Brice says, turned out exactly the way he hoped – or maybe better.

“I’m extremely excited about it,” Brice tells Sounds Like Nashville. “I set out with a goal specifically to make an album that sounded like an album. And, an album that specifically had groove to it, without tricks and without computers and this and that. I wanted it to be me and my players and my actual drummer and my bass player, playing instruments, period. Because, the truth is some of the greatest records ever made might have only been three parts going on, but they were the right three parts happening at the same time. I just wanted to stay true to that.”

Although Brice adhered to his vision, the singer admits it wasn’t easy, especially with all the influences he hears around him.

“It was tough, because as I was making the record, I’d hear hit songs all over the radio,” Brice explains. “There’s so much coming at you; there’s just a wall of sound, and there’s a lot of tricks going on, and that’s cool. That’s part of popular music right now. But I set out to make a record that was just as cool, just as groovy, more soulful, with being true to, ‘Hey, we’re just going to play instruments, and we’re going to write great songs and we’re going to sing good. We’re going to simply make an album.’”

Brice, who has written several of his previous hits, including “Hard to Love,” “That Don’t Sound Like You” and “I Don’t Dance,” says he wasn’t as concerned with who had the songwriting credits, as he was making sure each song belonged on Lee Brice.

“I wrote as many as I could, like I always do, and I listened to a ton, all over Nashville, and outside of Nashville as well,” explains Brice. “There are so many unbelievable songwriters out there. In fact, these days, it’s getting harder and harder for just the songwriter to get a recorded song on an artist, because all the artists are writing. I know the writers out there, that all they do is write, and I know how good they are. I knew I would be silly if I didn’t go listen, especially if they go, ‘Hey, I wrote something really special today that I want you to hear.’ I heard a lot of great, great songs, but there’s only a few that are great and they match who you are, what you want to say, how you sing. And so I found two or three that were that, and actually the new single, ‘Boy,’ is one of those songs.”

“Boy,” the first single from his upcoming record, has become a Top 20 hit for Brice.

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