Lee Brice Prepares for Daughter With (Ironically) a New Song Called ‘Boy’

After welcoming two little boys, Lee Brice and his wife Sara are preparing for their third child, a girl. The newest addition to the Brice clan will make her appearance this summer. As they gear up to become third-time parents, the couple shared an intimate moment at home of their baby making her presence known from inside her mama’s belly.

In a short clip posted to Instagram, Brice taps on his bride’s growing belly bump only to receive a little bump back from his daughter. “That wasn’t her,” Brice says. “Yes, it was,” Sara objects. The video features “God Made A Woman,” the latest single from Jerrod Niemann, playing in the background.

While Brice gears up to go pink at home, he’s seeing blue when it comes to the next song from his career. Teased on Twitter, the song “Boy” is Brice’s next track out to fans.

“The first thing I saw when I heard this song was me and my daddy. And right after that, I saw my little boys. It’s just a simple song called ‘Boy,’” he says in the clip.

“I realized that ‘Boy’ just had this kind of no-brainer, as soon as you hear the first word, you’re in. On top of that, I could mean every word I say every time I sing it. I’ve got two boys at home and, it’s kind of ironic, I’ve got a little girl on the way. And we’ll put out a song called ‘Boy’,” he said with his signature laugh. “It’s just the time. It’s the right time for this song.”

The delivery date for both “Boy” and “Girl” are coming soon.

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