Lennon Stella of ‘Nashville’ Thanks Creator and Cast of Series in Throwback Photo

Lennon Stella of 'Nashville' admired the love and hard work of the cast and crew on set in a vintage photo from the first day of the show.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Lennon Stella of ‘Nashville’ Thanks Creator and Cast of Series in Throwback Photo
Lennon Stella; Photo Credit: Jake Niles Getter/CMT

It’s been a long six years for the cast of Nashville as their characters have endured a number of dramatic storylines throughout the seasons. But Lennon Stella finds herself grateful for the six years of growth as an entertainer, and as a person.

Dating all the way back to 2012, Stella, who played Maddie Conrad, posted a picture from the first day of work on Nashville and the photo alone shows how much she and her sister, Maisy, grew up during the series. While they started out as two sisters living in Canada getting discovered from YouTube performances, they blossomed into beautiful young ladies with the talent to take into their future projects. Stella couldn’t be more thankful for what creator Callie Khouri did for her career, and her guidance.

Lennon Stella

Lennon Stella; Photo Credit: Jake Niles Getter/CMT

“There’s no way im fully comprehending at this moment what my life will be like without this show, without these people. I am at a loss of words honestly so forgive me if I’m speaking backwards and inside out right now, but from the depths of my being, thank you. thank you to Callie for picking me and Maisy off of our couch in 2012 completely clueless and oblivious to the world you were about to show us. Never would I have considered acting if it wasn’t for this show, I was so dead set on making music I didn’t even think for one second about doing or being anything else, and here I am now with such a passion for acting and this world of TV and movie making,” Stella wrote in her throwback Instagram post.

Not forgetting the people that surrounded them day after day during filming, Stella also threw a shoutout to her cast members for giving her a safe place to develop into the young adult she wanted to be. Encouraging her through every scene and every season, Stella expressed her love for each of the members for making lasting memories with her.

maisy maisy

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“Thank you to the entire cast and crew for inspiring me, moving me, every day. how lucky was I to be surrounded by the purest, most solid human beings on the planet from the youngest age. and how lucky i am to have my sister right in it all with me. soaking it all in. thank you guys for making this everything it was, everything it is. how special to have my sister and I’s childhood documented,” she continued.

While her time on the show may be coming to an end, Stella will continue on in her journey to make music after signing a record deal with RECORDS, a new joint venture from Columbia Records in the Sony Music family.

The last episodes of Nashville will air beginning on June 7 on CMT.