Listen to Dan + Shay’s Song of the Summer, ‘Road Trippin’’

Buckle up and sit tight because Dan + Shay are trucking along from the success of their most recent No. 1 with the follow-up of their new single, “Road Trippin’.”

The vibing up-tempo tune transports listeners to an open highway with the windows down and that warm breeze blowing in as the country duo sings about taking a drive to happiness. The groove speeds nicely into a head-swaying number while the synthesized banjo fuses together both country and pop influences to crank up in that car wherever it may be taking the driver.

Dan + Shay co-wrote the track with Boys Like Girls lead singer and songwriter Martin Johnson, and encaptures every taste that the summer season has to offer. Cruising into the position as the follow-up to their most recent No. 1 with “How Not To,” the guys change their tune from the solemn longing ode to that of a more chilled-out nature.

Lyrics like, Road trippin’, summertime livin’ with your hands out kissin’ the wind / Yeah, let’s roll with it, radio kick it louder we’re at it again,” Dan + Shay hint at romanticizing the hottest time of the year rather than putting on the brakes for a lazy summer. It was the fans that asked for “Road Trippin’” to become the next big thing in the duo’s release pattern, and it seems like the track is well on its way to driving up the charts faster than its original speed limit.

Fans can listen to “Road Trippin’” off of Dan + Shay’s album, Obsessed, on streaming services now.

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