Listen To Kelly Clarkson’s Unreleased Country Track, ‘Soap & Water’

Kelly Clarkson’s voice transcends across a number of musical genres from pop to rock to R&B, but her fans are finally getting the country sound they’ve been waiting for out of her.

An unreleased demo of Clarkson’s hit YouTube recently and she’s never used such a twang on her riffs ever before like she does in this unheard track. Titled “Soap and Water,” the pop star sings of scorned love from infidelity of a distrustful partner.

Lyrics like “Wipe down your lips/Dust down your story/Make up the bed that came before me/You can’t wash your dirty hands, why even bother/No you can’t compete with soap and water,” show how strong Clarkson’s feelings are toward the cheating behavior. Her tongue-in-cheek approach to the rather serious situation nods toward her naturally sarcastic personality while still maintaining her integrity as the heartbroken woman.

Clarkson isn’t unfamiliar to country music—the Texas native grew up listening to the genre and lent her vocal talents to her 2010 duet with Jason Aldean called “Don’t You Wanna Stay.” She also has a longtime connection to Reba McEntire and has become great friends with Trisha Yearwood.

There were even rumors swirling around in 2013 that Clarkson was set to debut in the country music format with a full-length album, which never saw the light of day in the end. Her last complete record, Piece by Piece, was released back in 2016 with tracks like “Piece by Piece” and “Heartbeat Song” gaining attention from the pop world.

Currently, Clarkson will soon be setting up shop for when she takes her seat on season 14 of NBC’s The Voice as a celebrity coach.