Little Big Town Faces Heartbreak in ‘When Someone Stops Loving You’

Little Big Town captures the vulnerable moments one experiences after winding up alone when love doesn’t work in their new single, “When Someone Stops Loving You.”

The reverbed waltz shatters every piece of the listener’s heart with the simple desperation and loneliness heard throughout the lyric, sung beautifully with Jimi Westbrook leading the group through. Emptiness suffocates the lost soul aforementioned as they pick up the pieces with no one stopping by to lend a hand. Reflecting on how simple yet gut-wrenching the end of a relationship could be, Little Big Town doesn’t shy away from the sorrow protruding through the everyday shuffle.

Ultimately nailing down the cold, hard truth that no one recognizes the pain a breakup victim faces, the country group puts the harsh reality in simple terms and a six-eight tempo to really rip at those heartstrings in their emotional ballad.

“We love the song. It was one of the ones, I would say it was towards the last third of the record that we made with Jay Joyce. We do like a good six-eight country ballad and it’s just nice to hear Jimi step out there and it’s just such a beautiful lyric written by Lori McKenna, Hillary Lindsey and Chase McGill. I love the everyday man’s poetry that’s in that song. You know, we’ve all felt that. I love that it says, ‘It don’t make the evening news.’ I think when we heard the demo of them singing it when they wrote it, we were like (gasp). Your life goes on. I mean everybody else’s life goes on and you’re back there in pain. This song really says that really well,” Karen Fairchild of the quartet explained to Sounds Like Nashville and other media recently.

Their new single takes a total 180⁰ turn from their last radio tune, “Happy People.” Little Big Town shows such depth in their catalogue by being able to flip the tables of emotions and yet still deliver such flawless harmonies while executing whatever theme the song may create.

“When Someone Stops Loving You” is the next single off of Little Big Town’s most recent album, The Breaker, which is available now.