Liz Mace of Megan and Liz Gets Engaged

It’s official: Liz Mace of Megan and Liz is officially off the market as she accepted her proposal to now fiancé Weston Amick.

Amick planned the perfect proposal as the two visited New York City together, and he asked for her hand in marriage looking out upon the gorgeous skyline while hanging out at a rooftop lounge. Mace didn’t think twice about her answer when she gave her love a huge ‘yes’ and documented the moment through adorable and unplanned pictures via social media.

“There, at the top of the world – we decided to be each other’s for ever and ever. 💍 We’re ENGAGED ❤️ @westonamick,” she wrote along the candid photo collection.

Flying back to their home in Nashville, Mace still couldn’t contain herself as she posted another adorable picture of the newly engaged couple and admitted that she was still reveling in the lifechanging relationship move.

“Just landed in Nashville and it doesn’t feel real. Sorry not sorry for another engagement pic 💍,” Mace wrote, still in awe.

Although it’s unknown when the couple began dating, both Amick and Mace began posting pictures together online back in the summer of 2016. The couple looks to enjoy traveling quite a bit with each other and Mace even attended Amick’s graduation from the University of Alabama.

Congratulations to the happy couple on their engagement!