Luke Bryan Doesn’t Want to Repeat His Hardworking Father’s Day From Last Year

Luke Bryan likes to enjoy the great outdoors and getting back to his Southern roots, but his Father’s Day from 2017 scarred him from wanting to explore the possibility of camping for this year’s celebration.

The country star admitted that his wife planned the ideal Father’s Day events, complete with a camping trailer and a plot of land all their own. But when it came down to setting everything up, Bryan wasn’t as excited to chill out with the family due to the exhaustion of preparation.

Bo Bryan on the board!!!

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“Caroline was perfect in asking me what did I want for Father’s Day, and I said I want to go camping with the boys on a little trout stream thing. So I went and borrowed…I knew a buddy who had a pull-behind trailer camper. Get the camper hooked up, get the campsite. It’s 98 degrees. I had loaded a lawn mower in the back of my truck. By the time I got done mowing an acre of four-foot-tall grass for the campsite and mosquitoes, I couldn’t get the RV or couldn’t get the camper [to work]. The camper never works like you want to. So, it may just be a day around the pool at the Bryan house,” Bryan admitted to Sounds Like Nashville and other media recently.

On the regular, Bryan spends tons of quality time with his kids from taking them out fishing whenever he gets a free moment to traveling far and wide in hopes of seeking adventures along the way.

Bryan will have a day off on Father’s Day from his What Makes You Country Tour, which hits cities across the country all summer long.