Luke Bryan’s ‘Most People Are Good’ Is a Song Everyone Needs To Hear

In times when pessimism and doubt flood the airwaves around us, Luke Bryan decided to look upon the little things in life to brighten up a listener’s day in his new single, “Most People Are Good.”

The laidback, acoustic guitar track focuses on the lighter things in life to set a mood of positivity toward the future ahead. Rather than let the doom and gloom get to him, Bryan honors the innocence of kids and working hard among other important simplicities throughout the radio ready single.

Written by David Frasier, Ed Hill and Josh Kear, “Most People Are Good” dives into the small wonders and praises what the beauty of life is really all about. With lyrics like, “I believe this world ain’t half as bad as it looks / I believe most people are good,” Bryan really hones in on the quaint admirations that some forget about nowadays.

Even Bryan himself looks upon the song as one of his favorite recordings to date, because of its down-to-earth nature and truth-telling without creating an exclusive nature found in many recent topics.

“I think that ‘Most People Are Good’ might be one of my best songs I’ve ever recorded,” Bryan shares. “I think it’s a song that will truly help people believe in people again. I think it’s so truthful in so many ways. We do get reminded every day of all the negativity of what humans are, and truly it’s only .001 percent of people causing all the negativity. I mean, I truly believe that.”

He continues, “I’m going to open the door for anybody and so many other people believe that way. I’m going to say hey to a stranger. I’m going to help somebody out in need, and that’s what this song really, really preaches. It preaches the innocence of children, the beauty of mothers, the beauty of relationships, the beauty of what life truly could be and should be and really is. I truly believe that most people lay their heads down at night and try to be better and and try to be good to other people. And I think this song captures those emotions perfectly.”

“Most People Are Good” can be found on Bryan’s latest album, What Makes You Country, which is available everywhere now.

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