Luke Combs Celebrates His Journey with ‘She’s Got The Best Of Me’ Video

Luke Combs’ journey to country music has been a long and winding road. Beginning in Boone, North Carolina, the young singer found his love for the genre when Eric Church first hit the scene. After building a rabid fanbase in his home state, Combs made his way to Music City, where he signed a record deal and continued to break record after record.

His successes have amassed over time and those milestones are highlighted in the crooner’s video for his latest single, “She’s Got The Best Of Me.”

The nearly four-minute clip gives a backstage look at the ups and downs Combs has faced throughout his career. From his humble beginnings in Boone to moving to Nashville, releasing the platinum-selling album This One’s For You, garnering three No.1 singles, and playing for sold-out arena crowds.

Among the special moments emphasized in the clip include his Dodge Neon, the car he owned when he moved to pursue his dream, the Klondike Café sign from his very first video for “Let The Moonshine,” and footage from a performance at Coyote Joe’s in Charlotte, N.C., where he first saw Church play and later earned the record for the fastest sell-out performance.

Circling back through Combs’ game-changing career was an ideal way to showcase “She’s Got The Best Of Me” as the song has been a fan-favorite since it’s 2014 release on his Can I Get An Outlaw? EP.

The track is featured on the deluxe edition of Combs’ major label debut album, This One’s For You Too, and is currently playing on country radio.