Maren Morris Finds the 20s Lifestyle to Be ‘Hard’ but ‘Validating’

Let’s face it: being a 20-something is not the easiest time in one’s life. Sure, you’re young and you’ve got a full life ahead of you, but responsibilities kick in during adulthood and people have to say goodbye to their juvenile tendencies.

As a 27-year-old, Maren Morris still struggles with some of the issues that every young person goes through, from buying a house to working hard at her job. Although she admittedly has the support of a team surrounding her to help out with her crazy schedule, the country singer doesn’t take any of her experiences or help for granted.

“Yeah, I think it’s not as hard as I anticipated…I mean thank god for business managers (laugh), but yeah, I definitely think…I don’t know, your early 20s are the hardest because you’re still coming out on these teen years where you don’t know who you are, and you’re figuring yourself out. I think now that I’m 27, which is still young, I’m not super wise by any means, but I certainly know who I am now, and I think if you have good people, good team members around you everything is palatable, and you can do it,” she said.

Even making decisions for the “My Church” singer doesn’t come easy as she has to take the time to consider what she truly wants for her future and plan ahead. She may be proud of the accomplishments she’s made in her career, but Morris still regards the simple hurdles just as important as the rest.

“There’s growing pains too, with everything,” she admitted. “I’ve never owned a house , so I don’t even know if I’m going to own this one I’m looking at, but I’m excited to get into that phase of my life. It’s like you work your entire life to get to do these things, and when you finally hit a spot where you can, it’s just real validating.”

Morris is currently playing double-duty on country radio by promoting her brand new single, “I Could Use a Love Song,” as well as supporting her cameo on Thomas Rhett’s current track, “Craving You.”

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