Maren Morris Recalls the Struggles From the Early Days of Her Career

Although Maren Morris may be a household name nowadays, it took hard work and gumption to get to where she is today.

Her career didn’t come without doubts, though. Morris definitely thought twice and found fear when it came to selling out shows and making her own music. She experienced a quivering confidence from time to time, especially when she was just starting out amongst the other competition.

“I definitely remember a few mental breakdowns along the way…like, in a bar, where no one showed up for our show. And wondering, ‘Can I do this? Am I suppose to be doing this,’ Morris recalled. “Thank God I moved to Nashville and learned so much. I feel like I got so much under my belt with just the writing rooms and the writers that I’ve gotten to work with over the past few years. I feel like it gave that confidence, and…looking back I’m so glad I went through the struggles and the highs and the lows because it makes me so much more appreciative of what’s happening now.”

After the massive couple years Morris has experienced within the country music format, she’s earned her spot at the top alongside her colleagues. With a spot on Sam Hunt’s 15 in a 30 Tour to a critically-acclaimed debut album, the “80s Mercedes” singer shouldn’t worry about the future stability of her career.

She’s also won the love lottery by landing the man of her dreams, Ryan Hurd, as her fiance. The two haven’t discussed wedding arrangements much recently, but they seem to be quite loved up at the moment as if the nuptials were in the works.

Morris has a lot to look forward to for the rest of the year as scored three nominations for the 51st Annual CMA Awards, which air November 8 on ABC.

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