Maren Morris Dishes on Her On-Tour Health and Fitness Routines

Although finding time to focus on fitness and stick to clean eating while out on tour can present its roadblocks, Maren Morris is making it her mission to stay in shape despite all the distractions.

During her time on the 15 in a 30 Tour with Sam Hunt and Chris Janson, the “My Church” singer hopes to maintain a pretty planned routine. From workouts to well-balanced meals, Morris just wants to keep her daily life as simple as she can in order to fully enjoy the time traveling around with her crew.

“I try to eat healthy, it’s hard especially when there’s really good catering, it’s like, ‘Oh god, this is open for the next 10 hours.’ But I’m a caffeine fiend, so I always am just getting coffee in catering and walking around, and I’ll have my dog out on the road this year and we have a girl bus and a boy bus this time around so I think we’re going to deck out the girl bus and we’ll have our workout routines every day or try as we may (laughs). We’ll really attempt it but I think it being my second full on tour, seeing the same people every day, it’s good to have some sort of routines so you don’t go stir crazy,” Morris revealed.

Steadying herself on the road to success—in both her health and fitness goals—Morris has the good weather of summer on her side, so hopefully she’ll be able to enjoy the warm sunshine during her daily dog walks and outdoor adventures wherever she and her team members go. Maybe she’ll even strike a close bond with tour mates Hunt and Janson for some post-concert activities to end the nights off with a bang.

The 15 in a 30 Tour runs throughout the entirety of the summer.