Maren Morris Will Wear a Modern Version of Her Mother’s Wedding Dress

Just like her edgy take on country music, Maren Morris hopes to rock it out in her little white dress for her special day to come.

Getting all of the important details in order for her upcoming nuptials to fellow country singer Ryan Hurd, Morris looked to her own mother for inspiration on her bridal dress for the big day. Rather than stick to the traditional gown, Morris decided she’d play up the shorter hemline look just as her mother did back in the late ‘80s. One thing to set her look apart, though, is the fact that her ensemble will be made just for her rather than bought out of a store.

“She was a badass and had this short wedding dress, so I sent it to this designer that I love. I was like, ‘If we can do a modern version of my mom’s wedding dress just dreaming something up really cool but still throwback with her vibe, I would love to make that happen.’ So I’m just waiting to get sketches back but I know it’ll be perfect,” Morris told People recently.

In the past couple months, Morris has tied the finalized details together for the romantic occasion. But she admits narrowing down the guest list doesn’t come as easy as it sounds.

“The hardest part is the guest list! But I feel like we have all the cornerstones of the wedding planning out knocked out now — the location, the timeline, the guest list, and we got a deejay. I think the rest of it is just details,” she explained. Despite typical wedding standards, Morris and Hurd plan to rage for their reception and want to trade in the champagne toast for a margarita tribute.

“We just want it to feel like a party,” she told the publication. “We don’t want it to feel stuffy or have this long 18-course dinner. We want it to be like us. There’s definitely going to be margaritas and some Motown music and my dog will be there. It’s going to be a complete reflection of both of our styles and tastes and I’m so excited to share it with everybody.”

Morris and Hurd announced their engagement through Instagram on July 9, with a simple caption of “Yes” with a ring emoji.

No word yet on when or where Morris and Hurd will tie the knot.