Martina McBride Shares Details About Upcoming Holiday Album

With all that hot and humid weather folding into the summer months, many are probably wondering: is it Christmas yet?

Fear not, because Martina McBride is dusting off the jingle bells in preparation for a brand new Christmas album to hit shelves during the winter season. Working at the historic Capitol Studios out in Los Angeles with engineer Al Schmitt to ring in some magical sounds together, McBride can’t wait to get into the jolly spirit and make the holidays come alive once again with a jazzy jingle.

“I’m cutting it in Los Angeles this week with a big band and orchestra,” she said to Sounds Like Nashville during a recent interview. “I hired Patrick Williams to arrange it, who is legendary and has arranged for so many people, and he has that classic big band approach. When I made 1998’s White Christmas, I wanted to make a classic sounding record. I can’t do that same record again, of course, but this one is going to have several up-tempo things on it. It won’t have as many hymns on it. It will be more things like ‘Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town’ and ‘It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas.'”

The last time McBride released a festive project such as this was back in 1998 with White Christmas, and fans still can’t get enough of those cheerful carols from the almost 20-year-old record. In fact, even McBride has grown quite fond of her last holiday approach and strives to create a new batch of songs for folks to chime in on as they spread the Christmas joy.

“Nobody could have predicted that. It’s so astonishing to me. We still sell a lot of copies of that record every year – in a time where people aren’t buying records. I think it’s because it’s comfortable. People can put it on in the background while you are baking cookies, having a party, or decorating the tree. It just feels like those old records. There’s a comfort level to it, and I think that’s why people keep gravitating toward it. It’s a classic. I set out to make it sound like a classic, but I didn’t know it would become a classic, so I’m very proud of that,” she said.

There are no further details about the release of McBride’s holiday record at this time.