Miley Cyrus Labels Fellow ‘The Voice’ Coach Blake Shelton as a ‘Frenemy’

You can take the girl out of Nashville, but you can’t take the Nashville out of the girl.

Miley Cyrus visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night (6/14) and spilled everything related to the upcoming season of NBC’s The Voice, including the little friendly rivalries that have started on set. While it may always look as though Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are two peas in a pod, Cyrus admitted that it’ll be three on one once Levine switches from Shelton’s dark side to come over and promote the girl power between Cyrus and new coach Jennifer Hudson.

Nevertheless, the pop singer recognized that just as she was raised in the farm country of Tennessee, Shelton also generates that charming Southern hospitality which makes it difficult for her to ever stay mad at him for too long.

“We only all turn on Blake. That’s the only person we ever turn on. Because he always wins and he’s so nice! He’s so nice, it’s so hard to hate, but like you gotta do what you gotta do to win,” Cyrus joked on the talk show.

Making sure she has all of her defenses up in case Shelton pulls a fast one on Cyrus and the crew, she’s bringing in the heavy guns, also known as her father and Shelton’s former idol, Billy Ray Cyrus, to help her take home the prize this season.

“I’m gonna come for him in the biggest way possible. I’m bringing my dad as like a mentor because when Blake was in high school, he was so obsessed with my dad that the teachers called him ‘Achy Blakey’ because he would do everything that my dad did. And he was ruined the minute he told me that because now’s he’s just a poser and now I’m gonna bring in the real deal. I’m real excited about that,” said Cyrus.

The 13th season of The Voice, with coaches Miley Cyrus, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Jennifer Hudson, will air later this year.