‘Nashville’ Returning to Television and Streaming in December

Attention all #Nashies! Charles Esten, known as Deacon Claybourne on Nashville, revealed some huge news for the series at the Grand Ole Opry this weekend.

The country music drama television star told lucky fans in the audience at the iconic music venue that Nashville would indeed be returning in December on both CMT and Hulu. The news came from the star and show creator Callie Khouri during a performance at the Opry, sending happy shockwaves throughout fans in the audience and on Twitter.

While there has been no confirmed premiere date for season five of the series, many of the stars are coming back for the drama. In prior news, it had been confirmed that both series regulars Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton were returning to the show, as well as Esten, Lennon & Maisy Stella, Chris Carmack, Sam Palladio, Jonathan Jackson and Clare Bowen. Khouri has been cooking up a solid plotline for this season and the characters are sure to be in for a crazy ride.

“One thing I would like to deal with is the collapse of the music business and just how hard it is,” she explained at a Tennessee Screenwriting Association seminar a while ago. “This stuff is really hard. You can’t just put out a record and suddenly it’s No. 1 and all of a sudden they’re big stars. That’s not how it happens. So, I think we are going to deal more with the struggle of it. I think that’s a truer representation of what’s really going on. And I think the public should be aware of the fact that what’s common practice out in the universe paying for Spotify or Pandora is bankrupting the music industry.”

Nashville was previously cancelled in a surprise move by ABC, in which fans of the show rallied together to give it life before its definite end. Their campaigns led to the pickup of the show by both CMT and Hulu, who are working to air the drama on both cable television and online streaming.

Be sure to stay in the loop for when Nashville gets a set premiere date soon!