‘Nashville’s’ Rayna James Remembered in Memoriam Video

While the queen of CMT’s Nashville may be gone, her spirit will remain present in the lives she touched throughout the series.

The surprise send-off of Connie Britton’s character shocked many viewers on the latest episode of the hit television drama, by passing away suddenly after suffering from surgery complications to help her recover following a critical car crash. Although many people did not expect the plot twist thrown into the mix for Rayna, they still treasure her time spent over the past five years.

CMT created an In Memoriam video to honor the late and great Rayna James, mashing together some past clips of the fictional country star from prior episodes. Showing her passion for her career as well as the dedication she devoted to raising her family, it’s true to say that Rayna lived a ‘Life That’s Good,’ to say the absolute least.

The video even highlighted the complicated love story between Rayna and her beau, Deacon, throughout some of the happiest times in their long-running relationship. From getting back together after years of separation to their beautiful wedding day, their partnership sparked hope for the Nashies that true love really does exist.

Nashville on CMT will continue to air on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET.