Old Dominion Gets Retro in ‘No Such Thing as a Broken Heart’ Video

Old Dominion leveled up in the love department in their modern take on retro video games in their music video for “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart.”

Straight out of the Atari era with a Heartland twist, the country band goes line through line of their optimistic ode to the good things in life and acts them out…quite literally. Starting out with a drop-in of ‘Jack and Diane’s’ life tucked away in a beat-up trailer and falling into an old-fashioned home from the 80s, Old Dominion fuses the harsh woes of reality with the fantasy fun of a pixelated video game to give away the cheat codes of life.

The illumination of each lyric filmed to life adds the quirky element that Old Dominion is known for and yet still comes back to the main theme of the song: experience life for what it is and don’t sweat the small stuff.

“The treatment is crazy. We went through kind of a couple different ideas for this video, and then Steve [the director] called me and said, ‘What if we did a literal interpretation of every line?’ So we start off at ‘Jack and Diane’s’ house and then we move into this little 80s house, where it’s like my parents. It’s like every line is represented in this video is something quirky and crazy, so there’s all kinds of crazy stuff going on. It’s hard to describe,” lead singer Matthew Ramsey told Sounds Like Nashville on the set of the video.

Marking the first taste fans of the country group will hear from their forthcoming record, Ramsey wanted to establish their intentions in a poignant yet silly way to let their listeners know they’ve progressed in their sound while still sticking to the cheeky lyrical content they’re known for.

“We’re proud of the song and it felt like it says something a little different than what we have said in the past. It shows off our songwriting cred and talents a little bit. I don’t know, it just felt like the right—it’s a fun, up-tempo sounding song but it’s more of a message than anything we’ve put out,” he explained to SLN.

“No Such Thing as a Broken Heart” is the first single off of Old Dominion’s upcoming album, which has yet to have set a release date.