Old Dominion Announces Tracklist for ‘Happy Endings’

In great anticipation for their sophomore effort to make waves in the country scene, Old Dominion is letting their fans know the titles of the tracks on their forthcoming project.

The band’s latest release, entitled Happy Endings, will feature 12 tracks, including a collaboration with Little Big Town and a live track called “Can’t Get You.” Many of the songs highlight songwriting work from the members of the group, along with some top names in the Nashville music industry. Nevertheless, Happy Endings will bring a more mature outlook to their sound from their debut, Meat and Candy.

Old Dominion; Cover art courtesy of RCA Records Nashville

Old Dominion; Cover art courtesy of RCA Records Nashville

“There’s definitely a lot heavier subject matter on this album than there was on the first album. There’s still fun, goofy stuff that we are known for, too. But it definitely does get into a bit more serious subject matter,” Ramsey previously told Sounds Like Nashville.

Currently, Old Dominion sent “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart” to radio as the first taste of the new record. Climbing up the charts due to its uptempo beat and optimistic message, the band can’t wait for fans to get their ears listening to the direction they’re heading with their second approach.

Happy Endings is due out on August 25 and is available for pre-order.

Happy Endings Tracklist
1. No Such Thing as a Broken Heart (Matthew Ramsey/Trevor Rosen/Brad Tursi/Jesse Frasure)
2. Shoe Shopping (Matthew Ramsey/Luke Laird/Shane McAnally)
3. Not Everything’s About You (Matthew Ramsey/Trevor Rosen/Brad Tursi/Andrew Dorff)
4. Hotel Key (Matthew Ramsey/Trevor Rosen/Josh Osborne)
5. Be with Me (Matthew Ramsey/Brad Tursi/Ross Copperman)
6. Written in the Sand (Matthew Ramsey/Trevor Rosen/Brad Tursi/Shane McAnally)
7. So You Go (Matthew Ramsey/Trevor Rosen/Brad Tursi/Andrew Dorff)
8. Stars in the City (Featuring Little Big Town) (Matthew Ramsey/Trevor Rosen/Brad Tursi/Josh Osborne)
9. New York at Night (Trevor Rosen/Brad Tursi/Jordan Schmidt)
10. A Girl Is a Gun (Matthew Ramsey/Trevor Rosen/Brad Tursi/Matt Jenkins)
11. Still Writing Songs About You (Matthew Ramsey/Trevor Rosen/Brad Tursi/Shane McAnally)
12. Can’t Get You (Live) (Matthew Ramsey/Andrew Dorff/Josh Osborne)