RaeLynn Shares Her Festival Essentials For Summertime

Surviving festival season may sound impossible in the dead of summer, but RaeLynn knows how to beat the heat even surrounded by the music masses.

Opting for a fresh face and clean aroma, RaeLynn heads straight to the toiletries section when packing ahead for any outdoor concert. Even borrowing from the men’s aisle, the country singer makes sure to equip herself with the right products to keep it classy while out in the fields.

“You have to have a lot of deodorant. I personally use Old Spice. After being married, I love my husband’s Old Spice deodorant. I bought the men’s travel kit, too,” spilled exclusively to Sounds Like Nashville. “When I go to Target, I don’t even buy the Dove. I hate the Dove. I want Old Spice. Unless Dove wanted to sponsor me, then Dove, I love you.”

“I also need dry shampoo,” she added. “Make up mist is the best. Right when you start to look chalky, you spray it on your face and you look great. And a big pair of sunglasses just in case you look really ratchet.”

Thanks to life on the road, fans shouldn’t take RaeLynn’s advice for granted as she’s experienced years of grueling travel and knows exactly what works for days on end. Add a cute outfit to flow around the fest and enjoy the good times, just as RaeLynn would suggest.

RaeLynn will be performing at festivals all across the country this summer. More information about her tour schedule is available on her website.

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