Rascal Flatts Like To Take It Easy During Downtime on the Road

Although tour life can be rough with all the traveling and performing for Rascal Flatts, the guys manage to sneak in a few hours here and there while out on the road to just chill.

With countless tours under their belts, the country trio knows how important their days off are whenever they get around to one on the road. From playing a round of 18 holes on the green to catching a flick at the local theater, they find such comfort and joy in just taking it easy rather than some big production.

“We might go play a round of golf and sometimes we’ll go see a movie, you know if the weather is bad or something like that. We’re always finding something to do to pass the time. And you know the one thing about your band and crew is you have to be able to exist together and live in tight quarters too. So we’re blessed to have some really, really great people that have been with us. A few of them have been there nearly from the beginning and they’re still there so…,” Jay DeMarcus of the group said.

Then again, lead vocalist Gary LeVox did let in that they also experiment with some daredevil stunts when they’re in the mood for a challenge. Having opportunities to take risks keeps them excited, and each of the guys will break up into other groups for each day’s adventures depending on what everyone wants to do that day.

“And it’s funny because each one has their own kind of thing. So like one group will go see movies, the other group will go fishing or do something crazy. Like we … I forget where we were at … they went skydiving,” LeVox explained recently.

Rascal Flatts will have to take on some crazier adventures when they head back out to Las Vegas for their limited-time residency, Rascal Flatts: Night to Shine, which will be hosted on various dates throughout the month of October.