Rory Feek to Release Book About Life with Joey

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Just months after the passing of Joey Feek, her husband and country music partner, Rory, has announced plans to release a book called This Life I Live, which will be all about how she changed his life for the better.

Joey + Rory made it big in the country music industry with hits like “Cheater, Cheater” and “When I’m Gone.” Well-loved in Nashville and throughout the country, they were given a world of support when Joey announced she was diagnosed with cancer. While she fought strong, the cancer got worse and her time on Earth became shorter.

Rory began to write a blog in the months leading up to Joey’s death called This Life I Live, in which he kept the fans and the public informed on her treatment throughout her lengthy battle with cancer. Even after she passed in March, Rory kept up with the blog and gave fans updates on how his family was doing and what was next for them.

The book, though, won’t be entirely focused on the blogs created, but rather written through the perspective of Rory throughout his life with his wife. As explained through a blog post written by Rory, he said that this book has been lying on his heart for a while and now deserves to be read by people in order to inspire them. He wants people to grasp how much her spirit changed lives, especially his.

“After a rough start for the first thirty-five years or so (about half-way through the book)… Joey shows up in my life.  Right after God does (it turns out that He was always there…I just didn’t recognize Him until I was hitting rock bottom, at the top of my songwriting game).  Mine is a story about going from being a nobody, to being somebody’s… Joey’s.  And how she changed everything in my life, and how she’s still doing it, even now,” he wrote on his most recent entry.

This Life I Live will go through Rory’s emotions from the time he met his wife to the blessings he has received despite her passing. The book is available for pre-sale now and will release on February 14, 2017.