Roy Acuff Fiddle Returned to Owner By Goodwill

After a mix-up in the donation pile and an auction battle worthy of headlines, a fiddle belonging to the late Roy Acuff was returned to its original owner by the Goodwill company.

A few weeks ago, a Goodwill facility for Western Missouri and Eastern Kansas came across a famous heirloom from the former country legend by means of one of his many fiddles from his career. Discovering that the instrument was indeed owned previously by Acuff and donated anonymously, Goodwill put the prized possession up for auction on its national website with bids coming in from all across the country.

The family who owned the antique found out their little piece of treasure was being sold on the online auction block and got in contact with Goodwill about losing their item. Through a few discussions, Goodwill handed over the fiddle back to the original owner of the piece and felt so happy to do so.

“Goodwill appreciates how valuable this fiddle is to music lovers,” Kevin Bentley, interim president and CEO of Goodwill of Western Missouri & Eastern Kansas, said, as posted by an article by the Kansas City Star. “It is also a family heirloom that came into our possession by mistake. Because of that, we have honored the request to return the item.”

Before the fiddle was taken down off the Goodwill site, its price rose to more than $8,000 due to the high demand from bidders. But now the famed instrument has been returned back to where it came from, and the family is happy to keep their artifact for as long as they can after the mishap.

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