Runaway June Recreates a Western Romance in ‘Wild West’ Video

Love comes with guns blazing in the Western-inspired video for Runaway June’s latest romantic single, “Wild West.”

Set like that of a John Wayne classic, the ladies slip on their bandanas and tuck their weapons in their holsters while waltzing around the desert town surrounded by saloons and wooden front porches. One couple proves their devoted love for one another, as the country trio coo for a relationship as strong and spirited of something out of the ‘Wild West’ lifestyle.

Just like any old-fashioned films with cowboys and bad guys, a bank robbery stops everyone in their tracks as the masked men begin to get away with the lumpsum of cash. The couple unexpectedly find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time as they wander right into the crime scene at hand. First-defense efforts from the hero of the short film become counteracted as the bandits shoot him dead to his lover’s dismay.

Runaway June doesn’t let the enemy get away, though, as they stage out the classic duel from the days of the past. With pistols drawn and ready to fight, the ladies prevail as the victorious winners of the dusty battle by picking off the three men suspected of the theft.

The action-packed treatment for “Wild West” opposes the slow song, which idealizes the passion desired by two people in love. Comparing the timeless concept of love with motions of a Western lifestyle, Runaway June combine their vocals to breathe life back into the sanctity of romance.

“Wild West” follows up the massive success of Runaway June’s “Lipstick,” and was released as their second single to hit country radio. The group does not have a full-length record out at this time.

Runaway June will play a few more tour dates before the end of the year. Fans can head to their official website for more details about the shows.