Runaway June Sing of the ‘Wild West’ in New Single

Whether it be stealing a heart or running away from the law for love, Runaway June remembered the ways of the ‘Wild West’ to show how strong love can be in their latest single.

The woman in the song hopes to find a deep and steady love like that of the ties to the Western renegades. Giving a nod toward the iconic figures of the time, like Jesse James and John Wayne, for their cowboy skills, the lead subject seeks out a man worthy of her undivided attention and hopes for a passionate romance like that of the saloon days.

Written by Runaway June member Jennifer Wayne, as well as Justin Lantz and Billy Montana, the lyrics embody how timeless the concept of love is no matter what the circumstances may be. “Love me like the wild wild wild west / ride me off in the sunset / Like outlaws makin’ a run for it / Come on boy, be my cowboy, keep me by your side all night / Hold me tight like a pearl handled .45 / And just let me be the whiskey on your breath,” the trio sings with their unmatched harmonies accompanied with a slow fiddle backing.

Runaway June first hit the country music scene strong with their debut single, “Lipstick,” which broke them into the hearts of listeners everywhere with their refreshing girl power lyrics about empowering women to find love they deserve.

“Wild West” is available for purchase or streaming online now. It will officially hit country radio on September 25.