Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris Return Site of Engagement in ‘Love In A Bar’ Video

Ryan Hurd's real-life leading lady Maren Morris appears in his deeply personal new music video for his single, "Love In A Bar."

Written by Lauren Laffer
Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris Return Site of Engagement in ‘Love In A Bar’ Video
Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris; Photo via YouTube

Ryan Hurd found “Love In A Bar” and is putting that heartfelt emotion to the forefront of his new music video. Featuring his real life sweetheart, fiancée Maren Morris, the black-and-white video captures their life off the road and the intimate moments they share together.

Filmed at his family’s lake house in west Michigan, the personal touch of the video highlights the words Hurd wrote about the love of his life.

“This video means so much to me because this song is the story of how Maren and I met and fell in love. Returning back to my family’s lake house where Maren and I got engaged was really special. It’s cool to have such a special place, special person and special song all come together in one spot,” shares Hurd. “While the song is our story about falling in love in a bar, I love that we got to make a music video about what happened after that and hope that people can see their own love stories in these moments.”

Hurd popped the question at the lake house when he took Morris out for a boat ride across the lake during the Fourth of July weekend.

“I had had that [ring] in my pocket for a while, and I was just looking for a good time. I woke up on the 3rd and I said to myself that that was the day. But there was no point where we were alone together, and so we jumped in the boat and had about 20 minutes together,” he shared previously of his proposal. “It was really special. It was a beautiful night and there weren’t a lot of people on the water. It was July 3, so there were fireworks all around the lake and I told her I bought all those fireworks just for her.”

“Love In A Bar” is the lead single from Hurd’s self-titled EP, which was released earlier this year. The couple will continue their adorable lovefest when they resume Morris’ The HERO Tour with a run of dates through Europe.