Ryan Hurd Releases Self-Titled EP

From exclusive streaming to the big time, Ryan Hurd’s music is coming to a digital store near you.

After releasing his self-titled EP to streaming services only, Hurd decided it was time to deliver his four-song project out for purchase, so fans could take a little piece of his sound with them. Laying all of his emotions out there on every track, Hurd displays his authentic songwriting abilities throughout the EP as he discovers his voice within country music.

Co-writing all four of the featured tracks, Hurd pulls at listeners with every individual song. The EP consists of “We Do Us,” “City Girl,” “Love in a Bar,” and “Hold You Back.” Receiving millions of streams for each track before releasing to download, Hurd definitely built up a supportive fan base.

One of his biggest fans just so happens to be girlfriend Maren Morris, who wrote a sweet little message for her talented beau on the day of his big release.

“Talk about proud. This guy has been with me through every step of my crazy ride, and now I get to witness his. Hell of a first kick in the door. Love you, @ryanhurd ,” she captioned the supportive Instagram post.

Hurd just got off the road after being a part of the Home Team Tour throughout the early spring. The much-buzzed about newcomer will take his live show on the road throughout the spring and summer, playing fairs and festivals along the way.

Fans can download his self-titled EP now via iTunes.