Scotty McCreery Honors Late Grandfather in ‘Five More Minutes’

When it came to writing for his upcoming album, Scotty McCreery wanted to show fans his vulnerability through his lyrics, and he did just that with his new single, “Five More Minutes.”

Focusing on a number of relatable moments one faces in life from retiring from the love of a sport to the spark of remembering the perfect first date, McCreery channeled those nostalgic feelings into his poignant new track to point out the good times in a life. But through all of the occasions where the country singer wanted to rewind in time to revisit the happy memories, it was the tragic loss of his grandfather that really triggered the song’s motion.

“It felt really good. It was a tough one to write, but an easy one to write at the same time. It was easy because it was pretty autobiographical for me—I was just spitting out stories and we were writing down the lyrics. But we were just talking about Granddaddy and figuring out the best way to honor him and the song, the best way to put it lyrically. But for me when we were writing it, it’s sad to think back but for me, I remember the good times and the fun times we had together—when we were swimming in the pool or playing golf and stuff—so it was nice to reminisce on those times as well,” McCreery admitted to Sounds Like Nashville.

From the moment McCreery started playing the song at shows, he received numerous reactions from fans that experienced similar instances throughout their years. Playing “Five More Minutes” for his family garnered the same sort of responses, but the connection between McCreery’s words to the love he has for his grandparents really made quite the lasting impression.

“I think everybody had the same reaction and got a little teary-eyed when they heard it, especially my Pop because it was his dad that we lost recently,” he said. “I remember the first time that we sang it live, we were in Pinehurst, North Carolina, we brought a lot of radio folks to play some golf with me and hear some new music. My grandma, Paquita, she was there and I could barely make it through the third verse. I don’t even think she knew what the third verse was until like a month ago when we played it for her and she was like, ‘I couldn’t even hear because you were crying!’ But I think everybody got a little teary-eyed.”

Although McCreery admits that the single only replicates what’s in store for his forthcoming record in a slight manner, he still holds the song dear as one of the best lyrical creations he’s ever had the chance to write.

“Five More Minutes” is available everywhere now.