Scotty McCreery’s Life Flashes Before His Eyes in ‘Five More Minutes’ Video

Scotty McCreery put good use to his home movies from growing up by showing off the story of his life in the new music video for his single, “Five More Minutes.”

Starting from the day he was born, fans get a glimpse at McCreery’s active childhood to get a sense at what inspires the country singer even as time has flown by. With his family and friends making cameos in the vintage-inspired treatment, McCreery highlighted his biggest defining moments from his time playing ball on the field to the beginning of young love with his girlfriend.

The touching video climaxed to the bridge, in which the North Carolina native chronicles the feelings he remembered over the loss of his grandfather. In a moving motion, a standalone picture of McCreery with his granddaddy flashes across the screen and definitely could start the waterworks for anyone who’s ever experienced that grief.

McCreery’s poignant single tugs at the heartstrings of any listener who reminisces the good times in life, but it also played a huge emotional role for the singer as he focused on the personal connection he made to his grandfather in the track. Keeping him alive in the spirit of song, the country singer only wanted to honor his loved one with a verse close enough to leave his family in tears.

“It felt really good. It was a tough one to write, but an easy one to write at the same time. It was easy because it was pretty autobiographical for me—I was just spitting out stories and we were writing down the lyrics. But we were just talking about Granddaddy and figuring out the best way to honor him and the song, the best way to put it lyrically. But for me when we were writing it, it’s sad to think back but for me, I remember the good times and the fun times we had together—when we were swimming in the pool or playing golf and stuff—so it was nice to reminisce on those times as well,” McCreery told  Sounds Like Nashville in a recent phone interview.

“Five More Minutes” is the first taste off of Scotty McCreery’s forthcoming record, which has yet to be announced.

Fans can listen to “Five More Minutes” on streaming services now.