Scotty McCreery Talks Moving in With New Wife Gabi: “We Just Complement Each Other”

When Scotty McCreery and his wife Gabi Dugal come back from their romantic tropical honeymoon, the two will take another big step in their relationship when they officially move in together. Though they’ve dated for six years, the couple decided to delay living together until they were declared husband and wife.

“We haven’t moved in together yet, so I’m living with my guys and she’s living with one of her best friends,” McCreery shared with People ahead of his nuptials. “I love my guys but it’ll be much nicer coming back from the road and seeing my wife instead of three motley dudes sitting on the couch!”

Living together will likely be a slight adjustment for the couple, who have found their footing as a couple constantly on the go. Between McCreery’s touring schedule and Dugal’s tireless work as a nurse, the two have found a way to make their relationship stand the test of time.

Husband & Wife! 6.16.2018

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“We’re both very independent people,” said Dugal. “We’ve always known who we are by ourselves and we just complement each other when we’re together.”

Their independence was put to the test early on when their relationship began to shift from friendship to romantic and McCreery worried how Dugal would take his time away from home.

“Her response to that was, ‘Well, that’s probably a good thing because if I saw you every day I’d probably get sick of you!’ I still remind her of that,” McCreery revealed. “She’s a very strong, independent woman and don’t put up with no crap. She’s kept me on my toes. She loves to work, and it’s not just all about what I’m doing in music. I support her dreams and she supports mine.”