Shania Twain and Meghan Trainor Exchange Disses on ‘Drop the Mic’

It was a ‘Party for Two’ as Shania Twain and Meghan Trainor exchanged shade and petty insults back and forth during a round of Drop the Mic on Tuesday night (Jan. 9).

The country legend and pop singer faced off in an epic stage battle, where the two busted out their worst thoughts about each other in order to take home the trophy. While Trainor focused mainly on Twain’s age and long time away from the spotlight, Twain countered every comment with quick wit regarding Trainor’s short time in the industry.

“You expected Dolly Parton, must be hard on you / ‘cause when I heard Meghan Trainor, my response was, ‘Who?’ / I’m busy selling records, that’s f***ing right / you’re a Target back-to-school ad come to life / yeah, I took some years off, I admit that’s true / only did to make room for new artists like you,” Twain rapped out.

The audience participated heavily, with their boos and hisses boosting up both of the ladies’ confidence as they took one another down. At the end of the fight though, Trainor waved a white flag by admitting her love for Twain and the country singer followed suit by revealing how big of a fan she is to Trainor’s music as well.

Clad in their boxing-inspired robes, the crowd applauded for their favorite participant in the Twain-Trainor match-up. The hosts of the show decided to let both of the women off easy by calling a draw and claiming they both won after showing heart after the hate.

Twain will hit the road this year and head to countries all around the world on her Now Tour. More information and ticket sales can be found on her official website.