Taylor Swift & B.o.B. Take Fans Behind the Scenes of New Music Video

SLN Staff Writer • June 21, 2012 - 6:01 am

Last week Taylor Swift and rapper B.o.B. shot the music video for their duet “Both Of Us” in Nashville, Tennessee.

While B.o.B. admits rural Tennessee was the perfect place to shoot the video because “it brings out the most enchanting side of Taylor Swift,” the pair had to overcome a few obstacles while shooting. That’s because they came into contact with quite a few unwanted guests while on the set.

“There’s bugs on people, there are bugs crawling on people, there are bugs trying to bite people,” Taylor said in a recently-released behind the scenes video.

At one point the GRAMMY-winning songstress saved B.o.B. from a rather large insect.

“I looked over on B.o.B.‘s shoulder and there is this giant spider!” Taylor explained. “It looked like a bird! It was that big.”

Take a look at the behind the scenes clip below…