Taylor Swift’s ‘Eyes Open’ Addresses Darker Themes of ‘The Hunger Games’

SLN Staff Writer • March 19, 2012 - 6:00 am

In anticipation of Friday’s release of “The Hunger Games,” the film’s soundtrack, The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond, hits stores tomorrow. As we previously reported, the movie’s companion album features tracks by Taylor Swift, The Civil Wars, and Miranda Lambert (feat. Pistol Annies).

Fans got the first taste of a song from the film when Swift and The Civil Wars debuted the album’s lead single “Safe & Sound” earlier this year. Swift describes the tune as “haunting and very quiet.”

On Wednesday, Perez Hilton premiered Swift’s other song on the album, “Eyes Open.” “Eyes Open” is a song Taylor says is “more frantic and fast-paced, a completely different shade of music.”

“I wrote it about Katniss’ relationship with the Capitol. It basically serves as a warning for her not to trust anyone-in many ways the opposite of ‘Safe & Sound,'” Swift explains.

“Eyes Open” addresses the film’s darker themes.

“Yesterday we were just children/ Playing soldier just pretending/ Dreaming dreams with happy endings,” Swift sings. “In backyards, waging battles with the wooden swords/ But now we’ve stepped into a cruel world/ Where everybody stands and keeps score.”

Swift tells Entertainment Weekly it wasn’t a tough decision for her to get involved with the soundtrack because she “fell in love with the book, fell in love with the themes running through it, [and] fell in love with Katniss (the book’s main character).”

Fans can listen to “Eyes Open” in its entirety below…

“The Hunger Games” starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth hits theaters March 23. The film is adapted from the popular novels by Suzanne Collins.